Well, we could try and dribble something out about how vegan and pure we are, possibly make it sound like it started just after the forced breast feeding. We could write floaty sentences about how we always shared a passion for clean eating, and how our spotless souls makes us hover over any challenge that crosses our path. But honestly speaking, that would be horseradish.

Frankly speaking, we consumed our share of nicotine, alcohol and red meat. We have spend a fair amount of time in the bubble thinking that the only true culinary satisfaction is flipped once on the barbecue and served with a creamy sauce.

So, now we started Vegan Velo and you might think that we finally fully embraced the vegan lifestyle. Probably we now ended up on the beeline taking us straight to some some nutty niacin drenched nirvana. Nah, sorry to disappoint you again.

However, we did learn a few things along the way:

  • You feel h*ll of a lot better when eating nutritious food

  • Well composed vegan food is very, very, very, very nutritious

  • That's it actually, but it always looks better with three bullet points

You, just like us, will run into tricky situations and unhealthy temptations. We won't judge you. And we hope you won't judge us. But we promise that we will make it as easy as we can for you to choose nutritious vegan food.

Every well rounded and worked through text finishes with a solid cliche sounding conclusion. Its now time for ours; Nutritious vegan food is good for you. Its good for everyone. Because its also good for the planet.

We hope you will enjoy our Vegan Velo!
Your Vegan Velo team